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 About the program…


This comprehensive program guides your export- and channel-management team through our proven 4-step process to create and refine your own and personalized channel strategy aimed at sustainable growth throughout the network. We start by defining the strategic fit from both ends, to describe the ideal partner. Understanding what the partnership actually means to both parties is key. Choosing a partner doesn’t mean the partner has chosen you. Due to misaligned expectations most partnerships actually fail in the moment they are signed.


In the program the participant will be equipped with a toolkit to understand the key drivers of all stakeholders, and learn which buttons to press within your area of influence to boost sales. We will also discuss how to overcome the critical initial activation stage. This is the stage where after signing and training the partner need to see business benefits coming out of the relationship, but when this fails partners all too often drops out and fall of the radar instead.


Finally we will provide frameworks to align company resources in a wider context with our plan to ensure success.


Made for those who …


This program is intended for the following roles:

    • Sales teams that sell through channel partners in their territory
    • Sales managers and directors about to open business through channel
    • Corporate leadership considering the external channel as their GTM strategy.

Key benefits


Guidance, tools and methods to create your channel strategy, and provide the team with the tools to effectively manage, engage and leverage the partner channel.


Some of the benefits of the program include the following:


  • Accelerated sales growth though channel
  • Motivated partners with a clear direction
  • Understanding of Partner segments and why some are more profitable
  • Building a competitive advantage though an adequate partner channel
  • Defined objectives and goals with a pipeline to create activity objectives required to achieve business results
  • Accurate forecasting for a business under control




Over the course of 4 half and full-day physical workshops, there will be both team and individual follow-up in between the sessions. Each key area follows a typical learning flow that involves both theory and reflection. A typical sequence will be the following:

    • Learning module
    • Teamwork in class
    • Review and group presentation
    • Homework assignment with coaching
    • Discussion in plenary or in teams


The modules follow a logical sequence and structure. Over the sessions, they are dealt with in parallel.


Workshop 1: – Defining the perfect partner

  • Focusing on efficient channel partners
  • Segmentation provides a map to focus
  • Proactivity is key to drive your agenda
  • Homework assignment – Defining my ideal partner


Workshop 2: – Find, Focus and Activate

  • Homework review
  • Case Exercise: Show me the money
  • Onboarding our friend & Activation
  • Homework assignment – Defining the activation


Workshop 3: – Engagement and Management

  • Homework review
  • Building engagement
  • Defining the right partner program
  • Homework assignment – Defining a partner Program


Workshop 4: Traceability

  • Homework review
  • Standardizing sales operations processes
  • Learning through partners
  • Using CRM and other data to follow up



Happy entrepreneur presenting to his colleagues new business strategy on a whiteboard during the meeting in the office.




4 full day blocks, on site over 4 – 10 months
5 virtual sessions coaching/workshop
individual project


At present this program is only offered as

In Company training, tailored to your company

English, Spanish, Catalan
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