Writing better objectives

Formulate better, actionable Objectives


Well defined objectives can be both motivating and fun. Studies show that when done right,
the mere existence of well formulated objectives increases productivity by 15%.
If you add continuous feedback mechanisms and coaching the effect is doubled! 
This workshop helps you work smarter with your objectives, and turn them into 
an accelerator for growth! 


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 About the program…

Setting clear and achievable sales objectives is crucial to the success of any sales team. However, we understand that crafting effective sales objectives can be a challenging task, especially when considering the specific needs of your organization. Our Writing Better Sales Objectives workshop is aimed at sales leaders and directors, but can also be a great help for all levels, wanting to improve and turning the written goals into a powerful tool.


Through years of experience and successful assignments, we have designed a comprehensive workshop to help you navigate the nuances of creating measurable and impactful sales objectives. Through practical exercises and real-world examples, we will guide you through the process of setting specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives (SMARTer objectives). Our workshop will equip you with the necessary tools and knowledge to motivate your team, increase productivity, and achieve your sales goals.


Parting from your top level objectives (e.g. sales plan, quota or team OKRs) you will create your own structure and tactical goals template, and learn how to effectively communicate your sales objectives in a way that aligns with your company’s mission and values.


We recognize that time is valuable, and that’s why we’ve made sure to create an efficient and engaging workshop that delivers practical insights and immediate value. Don’t miss out on this opportunity to optimize your sales strategy and take your team’s performance to the next level. We look forward to seeing you at our workshop.



made for you who…


need to work effectively with sales objectives and convert high level into action. The workshop is aimed at helping:

  • Local sales directors
  • Sales managers
  • Selling founders
  • Account managers and senior sales reps
  • Customer success team leaders

bring clarity with simple, powerful tools & structures to their teams.


the program provides

Here are six key benefits that sales managers who attend our “Writing Better Sales Objectives” workshop can expect to gain and take back to the teams:

  1. Improved Goal-Setting Skills: Create more specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound sales objectives. This will help them better align their team’s efforts with the organization’s broader goals and ensure that their objectives are achievable.
  2. Enhanced Communication Skills: Managers will learn how to use persuasive language to communicate their sales objectives to their team in a clear and compelling way. This will help them motivate their team and increase productivity.
  3. Increased Accountability: Clear sales objectives help managers establish accountability for their team members, which can lead to increased ownership and commitment to achieving their goals.
  4. Enhanced Performance: By setting more effective sales objectives, managers can ensure that their team is focused on the right activities, leading to improved performance and increased sales revenue.
  5. Better Team Morale: Clear objectives can help reduce ambiguity and confusion among team members, leading to improved morale and teamwork.
  6. Increased Professional Growth: As managers learn how to set more effective sales objectives, they will develop a valuable skillset that can help them advance their careers and take on additional responsibilities within their organization.





The program is adapted to the groups background and circumstances, but will normally stretch over 1/2 day, with a possible follow up session a few weeks later to exchange experiences and uses for the structures gained in the workshop. An example agenda for our “Writing Better Sales Objectives” workshop:


I. Introduction

  • Welcome and introductions
  • Overview of the workshop and learning objectives


II. The Importance of Sales Objectives

  • The role of sales objectives in driving sales success
  • The characteristics of effective sales objectives
  • Common pitfalls to avoid when setting sales objectives


III. Creating Effective Sales Objectives

  • Defining specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound objectives
  • Leading Indicators and Lagging results
  • Establishing activity based key performance indicators (KPIs) and success metrics
  • Who owns the objective-setting process?
  • Crafting persuasive language to communicate objectives


IV. Practical Exercises

  • Participants will work in small groups to create sales objectives and receive feedback from their peers and the facilitator.


V. Implementation Strategies

  • Developing an action plan for implementing the newly created sales objectives
  • Strategies for communicating and tracking progress toward objectives


VI. Wrap-Up

  • Recap of key takeaways and insights from the workshop
  • Evaluation and feedback from participants
  • Closing remarks and next steps


Throughout the workshop, there will be opportunities for participants to ask questions and engage in discussion to ensure a highly interactive and engaging learning experience.






1/2 day + 1/2 day,
plus preparation and homework assignments


In company training

English, Spanish, Swedish
Depending on team size
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