Workshop – LinkedIn essentials for Managers

Introduction to B2B Social Selling

What do you need to know to really take advantage of LinkedIn?
What is the opportunity cost of every minute of your time that you are not visible to the LikedIn community?
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 About the program…

Social selling does not mean selling on social media. It means building productive relationships through social media (in B2B, this is dominated by LinkedIn as the media of choice).


Over time, the objective is to generate business opportunities. To achieve this, it is necessary to define a good strategy on LinkedIn, both at the corporate level and at the individual level. This new scenario forces a change in the traditional sales model, and makes LinkedIn your best ally to take your relationship with customers and potential customers to another level. In this introductory training, we will take you through 3 fundamental skills you need to develop in your teams!

Made for those who…

This program is intended for

  • Sales managers and directors
  • Account managers and sales representatives


Some benefits


As a participant in the program, you will learn the fundaments of LinkedIn and learn how to use it as a tool to accelerate your sales over time. You will learn how to set objectives and create your own personal social selling plan.


You will also learn how to evaluate and balance the time you need to invest to achieve these objectives. For sales managers, the training will allow you to coach and guide your team members on social selling and LinkedIn.




During the day, we will work through 3 key areas:


THE PROFILE: Moving your LinkedIn profile from merely being an online version of our CV to truly becoming a platform for personal and professional branding. Optimize  professional profiles, target the right audience, and turn them into high-impact profiles that are key to your own agenda and strategy.


THE CONTACT NETWORK: LinkedIn is about relationships. It is not enough to have many contacts. With the right profile made, we’ll focus on making sure you have the right audience in front of you. We will discuss the best strategies to grow your network with the right contacts, and how to gain access to these successfully.


THE ACTIVITY: Yes, you do need to invest some time to establish a presence to be visible and seen. But no, this doesn’t mean you need to add another full-time job to what you are already dong. We will discuss different ways to generate presence on LinkedIn. In addition, you will learn the basics behind LinkedIn’s content ranking algorithms to help you optimize your visibility to your strategy.



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4 hours (1/2 day)
and individual coaching


At present this training is given in-company only

English, Spanish, Catalonian
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