Transformational Leadership for Sales Managers


Leadership for Sales Management



Do you find it easy to turn your plans into reality?

Is it sometimes hard to understand why we all heard the same thing but understood it differently?

How well do you play to your strengths and use these to mobilise the team, and motivate its members to excel?


It is not enough to have a plan – leadership is what helps you turn plans into reality.  It is what installs the motivation, drive and energy that is needed to get things done and work in the intended direction. Leading is about creating the vision, setting direction, and Coaching is supporting developing people to be the best they can be. Every time! 

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 About the program…


This is an introductory program in 3 full day modules that are designed to give Sales managers all the basic leadership and coaching tools to be successful in the role and drive change – transformation.

This program takes its starting point in the organisation and the culture, explains concepts around change management, leadership styles and our abilities to influence. From the base each participant explores the concepts individually through both theory sessions, exercises and role-plays, to develop a leadership model that adapts well to the individual context.


made for you …


  • who are Sales Managers or Directors new to the job, or are preparing to become one
  • experienced Sales Manager or Director who feel you lack a solid understanding of leadership and/or lack the appropriate coaching tools to get things done as you would wish
  • … who are ready to take a next step in your leadership



key benefits


The program provides a solid base and understanding for Leadership. Taking its starting point in our values and culture, it develops a toolbox that will help you get things done.

Some of the benefits of the program:


  • Higher degree of self-awareness and influence
  • Motivated teams with clear direction
  • Resilient and adaptable teams, ready to take on new challenges
  • Ability to lead your team through change
  • High performing sales culture
  • Tools and ability to lead change
  • Shorter learning curve in your teams
  • Tools for self-reflection and self-evaluation




Over the course of 3 full day physical workshops, with both team and individual follow-up in between the sessions, the comprehensive program is developed. Provides insight into Leadership, blending theory with practical exercises and roleplays. You assess your leadership style and learn how you influence our teams and people in our surrounding, and how to move efforts and competence to where they need to be for biggest business impact. (Lead & Coach CORE)

Each key area follows a typical learning flow, that involved both theory and reflection. A typical sequence will be:


    • Learning module
    • Team/Individual work in class
    • Testing concepts – roleplaying
    • Summary – experience share
    • Homework assignment – with coaching
    • Discussion in plenary or in teams

The modules follow a logical sequence and structure..


Module 1 – Introduction – Leadership basics – Organisational culture


Introduction to Leadership and team management: We discuss what is Leadership and work through Leadership Styles. We learn about different Leadership Models and their history before going into exploring Transformational Leadership and lay the base for the program through exercises that help us understand the mechanisms.


Organisational culture and change – Factors that influence organizational culture changes and types of organizational culture change. We work through the most prominent models and examples of change management. Tools for change management and ways to measure the effectiveness of our change programs. This block also discuss sources and types of influence and power and finalises with a dive into the role of partnerships and stakeholders in our internal and external influence system.


Module 2 – Motivation and sales team Management


Motivation – A walk through of modern motivational theory and tools – and discuss which factors that influence motivation and team efficiency. The difference between effectiveness and efficiency in our leadership. Motivational techniques. Coaching techniques.


Team management: Management models and systems, and function thereof. Teamwork? or just working in teams? Delegating and Providing Direction. Planning and setting objectives. Formulating objectives – SMART, and leading towards the objectives (GROW). Time management – proactiveness and setting your own agenda


Managing Sales Teams – we explore the specifics of Sales management and how to apply the new knowledgge in our own context. What does in mean to transform in a market context?  What is it that Sales management aspires to change? Leading customer challenges, and market direction. Examples of change management in our daily life.


Module 3 – Soft skill and the keys to Transformational Leadership


We discuss the tools set the Leader will need to develop in order to drive change and the teams evolution. One key to this is self awareness, and we look at different models and tools to evaluate ones own abilities agains the varying needs of situations.


Refining the toolbox of Leadership:

  • Emotional awareness and self control
  • Active Listening
  • Empathy vs Assertive communications
  • Conflict resolution – holding difficult conversations
  • Ciahing techniques – framing the message




Business leader standing on arrow and holding flag flat vector illustration. Cartoon people training and doing business plan. Leadership, victory and challenge concept




3 full day blocks, on site over 4 – 10 months
individual follow up coaching


At present this program is only offered as

In Company training, tailored to your company

English, Spanish
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