Values & Culture

A healthy team culture based on common values is a key fundamental component for successful leadership.

Research points at the importance of leading through values and installing a performance culture in the team. High-performing teams usually have this sense of vibrant energy and “magic” around them. That is essentially what this process area is about.


In this section, you will find a collection of articles, tools, and experiences to help your team become a top-performing team by working within its culture and shared values.


Culture is difficult to grasp because it’s generally unspoken. Team culture is essentially the collective values, beliefs, and attitudes shared in the team. This determines how people work together and how they treat each other.

Your chances for success and top performance are conditioned by the culture you install in the team. This work starts with shared values and beliefs.


Different teams expose different cultures, and often differences in performance can be explained by differences in values and culture. A healthy corporate culture helps you work team culture in a desired direction.


In the same way that high-performing teams share a set of great values and culture, most cases of unethical behaviors found in corporate scandals have their origins in negative cultures and lack of sound shared values.


Let’s get your team to be the best it can be – top performing and world class!

Thoughts on Values & Culture in your organisation