Sales Method & Tools

Managing sales is about doing the right things in the right way. Here we discuss sales techniques, CRM tools, dashboards, sales planning, and processes.

The sales team’s efforts is what creates the opportunity and closes the sales. Your job as the team’s manager is to help them be at their best and win the best business, every time.


There are many uncontrollable variables when we work with people in a complex ecosystem. Stakeholders’ behaviors and decisions are motivated by very various factors, which makes the buying cycles more difficult to control or even understand. This section is all about turning this into a predictable, forecastable revenue growth machine.


By applying structure into our ways of working and defining our sales processes well, we bring predictability into the process. What can be measured and predicted can be improved.


Solid performance management comes through a disciplined and structured approach, and it ensures that we work with the right customers and in the right way.

Value-based sales methods help us to stay focused on the value our company provides to the customer. This keeps margins healthy.


Using the right tools helps automate tasks; shortens time to get data, analyze and plan for customer visits; proposes the right solution; and wins the business. Modern tools can shave off more than 50% of admin time, which can now be used for customer facing, productive time.


Tools will include:


  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales and market intelligence
  • Lead handling and prospecting
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Process and training
  • Automation and integrations

Doing the things right – sales skills and process