Plan & Organise

Local strategy, budgeting, resourcing, time management, customer base planning and more areas to help you navigate through your sales year.

Planning and organizing is a process area that all managers work with, without exception.


The processes here includes setting the local strategy and creating the tactical plan for the team. Without this, you don’t have a map to navigate with, so it certainly is a fundamental and essential area for any sales manager to master.


The process areas of leadership, culture, and performance management take the plans and turn team into reality. But if you didn’t first create the plan, that energy is blind and doesn’t know where to go!

The process takes the sales and revenue objectives from headquarters and maps the local conditions and the teams’ possibilities. Here you will find great tools, tips, templates, and other stuff that will help you in this work.


Some examples of areas: fundamental customer and market planning to understand what is even possible in your market, resource planning to help the team with its skills and capabilities, product launches, onboardings, reporting, and KPIs.

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