Lead & Coach

Guidance on leadership to successfully influence the team. Support and coach, direction and purpose, lead and inspire are key terms here.

The job of directors and managers is to create success through others. By setting up the best structures around the team, solid planning, and installing a performance management system, the groundwork is done. Leadership, culture, and performance management then take the plans and turn team into reality. Your leadership qualities and your coaching skills are your tools to influence the team.


They help you install the motivation, drive, and energy that is needed to get things done and to work in the intended direction. Leading is about creating the vision and setting the direction. Coaching is about supporting and developing people to be the best they can be.


A team and its members have different needs for leading and coaching in different periods of the team’s evolution. The initial focus is on setting the direction and on conveying the plan and vision to the team. Later, this moves to more of a supporting and coaching attitude, so people understand how to get there once they have bought into the vision.


In the sales team context, leading is closely related to setting clear objectives, and coaching is guiding the team members on the way to achieve them. Clear objectives and guidance are demonstrated success factors for motivation and team productivity.


The better you build the vision, lead, and coach, the less you need to manage details, and the happier and more successful the team is. The team feels empowered to achieve goals on their own.


In this section, we collect experiences, tools, and tricks on leadership and coaching for success.

Coaching and Leadership tips