Feedback & Monitor

You can improve only what you can measure. Explore KPIs and leading indicators, and install feedback mechanisms to accelerate change and growth.

In this process area, you will find methods and tools for performance management, and systems for continuous feedback from your market, your customers, and your people. This is fundamental for change management and steering.


Without proper performance management, you are running your car with your eyes closed and without a steering wheel.


In B2B sales, people propose solutions to other people. When introducing human psychology and behaviors into the equation, sometimes forecasting and predictability become a challenge.


An efficient sales process, adequate sales skills, and optimizing customer base planning are the ingredients to successful sales.

If we know what we are doing, we can set objectives and find smart ways to monitor and feed.


It is important that we work hard, but real productivity happens when we boost conversion and hit rates by focus on quality and skills in every customer interaction. Larger deals come through ensuring enough opportunity to allow us to select the best prospects that perfectly fit our company and offering.


Smart objectives, intelligent dashboards, the right KPIs, and frequent feedback potentially can increase your sales productivity by 25% to 30%. Check out the articles below to find out more about setting smart objectives and feedback systems.

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