Develop & Build

Build and develop the team. Tips and tools that help recruit and retain talent, nurture their capabilities, and develop their skills and competencies.

Managing and leading is all about getting the best out of the team. Your performance management system tells you where your strengths and weaknesses are. Your business plan maps out where you are headed.


Whether you actually reach the goals or not depends on how well your team Is prepared and motivated for the task. It is the sales manager’s job to make sure every team member is prepared for the challenges ahead to reach the objectives. Some training will happen centrally, or it can be hired externally, but most of the time competence development happens internally by the manager and other team members.

This section is about how you as the manager can develop skills and competencies, and present tools and methods to train and prepare the team.


Knowledge around training and pedagogics, experiences from running workshops, and how to make the training truly stick are discussed here.


Stay tuned and check out this section for materials, checklists, tips, and tricks.

Build a world class team!