Key Capabilities – 6 pillars of Sales Management

The 6 pillars of sales management provide a simple framework that helps describe sales management as a profession and gives it a structure. This allows us to study, evaluate, improve, and discuss sales management as a discipline. On our website, each pillar holds a collection of articles, templates, and tools that we have highlighted for you. Visit our library page to access the full collection. We hope these tips will serve you with good ideas today, tomorrow, and in the future.


Plan & Organize


Local strategy, budgeting, resourcing, time management, customer base planning, and many more areas that help you build the map to navigate through your sales year.


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Lead & Coach


All the practical activity you perform to influence your team—support and coach, give direction and meaning, lead and inspire are key terms here.

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Develop & Build


Tips and tricks to help you get the right people in place and develop their skills and competences. Nurture the capabilities of the team members to where they have to be to reach individual and team objectives.

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Feedback & Monitor


You can improve only what you can measure. Explore ways to gauge the team’s capacity through measuring leading indicators in sales, and by installing feedback mechanisms that accelerate change and improvements.

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Values & Culture


Tools and inspiration for how to build a healthy culture based on common values, which is a key fundamental component in any large or small change of direction in your team.

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Sales Method & Tools


Sales management starts and ends with sales people and their work. They are the ones we want to support and guide to success. In this module, we discuss sales techniques, sales planning, and sales processes.

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