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flexible part-time Sales Manager

Growing? Do you need to ramp up your sales capacity? … but want to keep your best sales people selling?

Does the team create high value proposals, and bring them to the right customers?

Do your new sales team members get up to speed as fast as you would like?

Try professional sales leadership that adapts to your need in every moment!


 Sales Management is key…


The Sales Manager leads the sales team, creates and executes sales strategies and drives sales through effective leadership. This function is especially critical for Scale-ups, and small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) – needed to build a scalable team, boost sales and achieve rapid growth.


At the same time, growing teams find it difficult to invest in a full-time Sales Manager, as the team is still small, and resources need to be destined to other resources such as additional salespeople before adding management layers.


 About the service…


This is where Sales Managers Corner comes in — Our Sales-Manager-as-a-Service, your Part-time Sales Manager will do the job for you – manage, lead and build your team on an ongoing basis with a very flexible arrangement.


The part-time Sales Manager takes on the role of the Sales Manager for your sales team and depending on the scope, assumes responsibilityfor parts of, or all aspects of sales management: strategic planning, team leadership, and to tactical development of the sales department.


In short, Sales-Manager-as-a-Service makes it possible for scale-ups and SME’s to get access to and utilise senior skills and experience – in a flexible way without compromising often very strict budget constraints.


Our consultants possess documented experience of successfully managing sales teams on a long-term basis. They provide their expertise, direction, and insights to drive growth and keep the sales operation on track.

Made for those who …


Sales-Management-as-a-Service is a flexible expert service that help companies scale rapidly. A flexible part-time sales manager is great for you when you:


  • Have a small team of sales reps and don’t want to take sales time away from the team by making a rep into a manager
  • Are growing businesses with a need for professional sales management
  • Need an immediate solution to a long-term challenge. We take on the role and in parallel can help recruiting, onboarding and coaching the permanent sales manager over time.


Key benefits


Our consultants possess documented experience of successfully managing sales teams on a long-term basis. They provide their expertise, direction, and insights to drive growth and keep the sales operation on track.


The part time Sales Manager:


  • Hits the ground running – consumes a minimum of your time to be up and running. Long experience managing complex sales means you will be surprised how fast he/she will get a full grip of your market.


  • Laser-focus on growth – applies the Sales managers Corner’s systematic approach to growth through cross-selling, upselling – finding the best customer groups and best routes to whitespace.


  • Talks your language – has grown businesses before and will help you avoid mistakes that would cost you money and valuable time.


  • Flexible workload – continuously evaluates the role itself, identify gaps together with you and ensure that, through agreement operate at the right mix between strategic and operative level.


  • Understands the wider business – has exceptional experience in sales operations, customer care support, and sales management even in the most complex business setups.


  • Expert at sales management – Implements effective sales cycles, manages sales opportunities, managing territories, and other sales operation processes that collectively grow your sales.


  • Communicates – Is an excellent communicator both verbally and non-verbally and can efficiently collaborate with your sales team and other internal business teams.


  • Solves problems – Is a critical thinker and problem-solver who have faced and fixed challenges throughout their careers.


  • Help you ride out any storm – is prepared for unforeseen circumstances and can handle both small fires and larger situations


  • Is a natural part of your journey – will help you select, coach and train his/her successor when the team grows.




Naturally, and as a part of the assignment our consultant will apply the Sales Managers Corner´s philosophy on the 3 CORE capabilities and the 6 pillars of sales management. Quarterly quality feedback will be requested both from the managed team and from company leadership as a part of our quality control system.


Where can we work?


Depending on the scope and availability we can adapt the service as needed. Sometimes the circumstances require presence at company offices, but most often the Sales-Manager-as-a-Service is a combination of periodical face to face engagement (e.g. sales meetings, trainings, onboarding) and daily and weekly operative sales coaching and support in online virtual meetings and calls.

Contact us to discuss which setup will be best for your team.


At present we have consultants located in Spain (Barcelona, Madrid), Germany (Hamburg) and Sweden (Malmö, Gothenburg).


How does it work?


  1. Contact and initial call – learn more about your business’s current needs and discussion about how Sales Managers Corner and our part time Sales Directors can assist you. Agree on date for Exploratory WS.
  2. Exploratory workshop – business setup, need and scoping. A half day workshop where your needs, team, market situation, objetives and other aspects are assessed and a plan is scoped.
  3. Proposing a dedicated part-time sales manager.After the workshop we match you with a Part-time Sales Director who can best address the needs, lead the team and drive the plan.
  4. Quarterly review – progress is reviewed and plans are revised monthly, but an overall engagement review is planned at least quarterly, between your management team and SMC management.


Happy entrepreneur presenting to his colleagues new business strategy on a whiteboard during the meeting in the office.




Continuous service – typically 20% – 40% of a FTE
Individual scope to be agreed upon
Initial commitment 6 months, quarterly renewed 
Local language and English
please contact us for a quote


A multifaceted assignment:


The scope of these assignments normally vary over time, and will be managed on a quarter to quarter basis. Here you find a small sample of skills and typical tasks that can be included, and that your part time Sales Managers could manage for you:


Leading and managing the sales team Sales planning, forecasting and budgeting. Direct and support sales activities to boost quality and consistency, developing the most profitable customers and those with the greatest potential for growth.
Strategic planning Strategic sales planners, Sales Managers project the company’s future in terms of sales and the means to achieve that plan. This often include analysis of market demand, costs, pricing, and new products on the company’s strategy.
Stakeholder relationships Help build healthy relationships within and outside your business – suppliers, other directors and managers, prospects, clients, and staff.  With exceptional communication skills we engage stakeholders and improve messaging.
Managing transition in the sales sphere Keep up with market changes and trends, recognising emerging changes in time to design and implement strategies to see your business through any storm on the horizon.
High margin sales – Value Selling Coach and train the sales team to sell your offering at higher value. With value sales techniques customers will perceive higher value from working with your sales team, your product and your company, rendering higher NPS and lower churn
Profit margins of your business Work with pricing experts to ensure the business generates a competitive income to meet the fixed and variable costs. They also ensure you retain a high sales volume at competitive prices to guarantee reasonable profit margins.
Recruiting the right sales force Recruitment to help you select the right talent to grow your business. As the team grows, our Sales Managers will also help finding his/her full time replacement.
Developing your sales team An effective sales team keeps learning to acquaint themselves with new knowledge in the fast-changing sales industry. Part-time Sales Managers work (with HR) to plan professional development programs for your sales team through performance reviews, appraisals, training and development.
Objectives, salary and bonuses Set and implement commission policy for salespeople and discuss employee salaries. If required, optimise the allocated budget.
Company budget management The part time sales manager may also take on a greater P&L responsibility and reporting task as defined by the function