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Change and new ways of working are difficult to implement by yourself. In order for behaviours to change or for new processes to be used, conscious and committed change management is needed. It falls on us as sales managers to make this happen and to turn the teams around. Talk to us for tips, tricks, and concrete proposals to install proper sales management in your teams today!



Great Sales Management

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Sales management is the link between getting things implemented in the field and corporate’s strategy and vision. Is your sales management team up for the challenge?




The Core process families


The 3 core process areas and their key competencies are outlined below:


Plan & Organise: This is where you analyze, plan, and follow up sales execution in your market context, and transform global strategy in local execution. Objectives, budgeting, resource planning, and team design happens here. This is where the sales manager draws the navigation map for the journey ahead.


Lead & Coach: This reflects your actions and capabilities to transform the plan into execution though others as you motivate and give direction to your team.


Develop & Build: Here you work with your team and build the right competence and capabilities for the plan you have laid out. By excellent recruiting and onboarding, and a continuous attention to development needs, you accelerate growth.


The 3 support processes

In addition to the 3 core process families, there are 3 supporting process families around values, feedback systems, and the key competencies and skills of your sales team.


Feedback & Monitor: By setting clear objectives, research shows that organisations can increase their productivity by 10-15%. If solid feedback and monitoring is introduced, that effect is doubled. The feedback and monitor area introduces KPIs and suggests methods for measuring effectiveness in sales.


Values & Culture: How well you implement the 3 key process areas and which design choices you make along the journey will depend on your values and culture at the team level and the company level. Any management program needs to evaluate its values and cultural aspects.


Sales Method & Tools: This area often gets lots of attention and investment in organisations. We help sales managers understand their role in guaranteeing that these investments lead to sales excellence, accelerated growth, and profitability.


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Are your sales management skills up for the challenge?

What are your true strengths? Are the objectives motivating and clear? Does the team come with you over the top when it’s time to move? Does your crystal-clear analysis turn into crisp plans that everyone understands? Does your team use all cross-selling opportunities? Are your value-selling skills helping you avoid discounts and saving you margin points? Are your losses fewer and are you gaining more customers than competition?


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