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LinkedIn – From personal branding to Corporate Social Selling


What do you need to know to get the most out of LinkedIn?

What is the opportunity cost of every minute you’re not visible to the LinkedIn community?

Talk to your customers before they call you up, by then it may be too late…


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 About the program…

Social Selling does not mean selling on social networks. It means building productive relationships through social networks (and in B2B the social network par excellence is LinkedIn), which over time generate business opportunities.


To achieve this, first we must define a good strategy on LinkedIn, both at the corporate level and (and more importantly) at the individual level, starting with the individual plan for each of the team members.


In most cases, your customers are informed online before making a purchase decision. When the buyer contacts you, he/she already completed 70% of the purchase process: they know what they need and have compared to other offers.


This new scenario forces a change in the traditional sales model, and this makes LinkedIn your best ally to take your relationship with customers and potential customers to another level.

made for you who…

This program is designed for:

  • Sales Directors and Sales Managers
  • Sellers and Account Managers
  • Marketing and Communication managers,
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers from any B2B industry

Participants need to:

  • Have a LinkedIn account and a minimum of knowledge of the basic functionalities of the platform
  • Bring their own laptop during the sessions.

some benefits and objectives:


The program will Generate Social Media Awareness, and help participants both understand and unleash the full potential of LinkedIn as a contact and relationship channel for prospects and customers, and understand how to use it in their daily work.


Some questions to answer: Why should I be on LinkedIn? Why should I dedicate my time to it? What can LinkedIn do for me? How should LinkedIn be part of my business development strategy?

  • Develop a specific LinkedIn strategy, both individually (from professional profiles) and corporate – supporting and relying on corporate publications.
  • Create high-impact professional profiles
  • Create an action plan in this channel that leads to achieving given objectives.




Structure of the sessions:


First Block


Session 1 – From Personal Branding to Corporate Social Selling: How do we go from “I want my company to be on LinkedIn” to “I want LinkedIn to be in my company”. During this first introductory session, we will create the LinkedIn communication and Prescence plan. This includes the intermediate milestones to reach, what target audience we want to impact, what type of messaging to use, etc. We will also talk about SEO techniques applied to professional profiles, to make our professional profiles appear in the top positions of LinkedIn search results for relevant searches. Each participant will work on their list of priority keywords which they will bring with them into the next session.


Session 2: Create high impact professional profiles.  Participants will learn to build high-impact professional profiles, adapting the profile to the strategy we defined.  We learn how to optimize content of each section of the profile to reinforce its positioning within the LinkedIn search algorithm. Based on what has been explained, the participants will draft the profile fields and bring into the next session.



Second block


Session 3: How to find and contact the right people on LinkedIn. With our now optimized profiles, we will focus on having a suitable audience before us. We will learn how to identify the right people on LinkedIn to enrich the contact networks and then how to successfully contact them. Here we create a list of 20 people to invite along and draft the appropriate and individual invitation.


Session 4-: Define the content plan on LinkedIn and discuss the relationship model with the contact network.  We have the profiles ready and adapted for the right audience from the previous sessions, and now is the time to define what will be the content plan and the relationship model with the rest of users through this channel.


Third block


Session 5: Corporate Social Selling Methodology. In this last session we go deeper into Social Selling techniques. We will see active listening techniques to be able to identify, through LinkedIn, the motivations, concerns and needs of your target audience. Based on what is explained in this session, participants will now be able to apply all what they have learned and start working with a daily routine for business development through LinkedIn.


Optional coaching:


This program can be expanded with a series of follow up group or individual coaching sessions both during and after the program.



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5 sessions over 1 – 2 months


This program is currently only offered In Company

English, Spanish, Catalán
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