Key Account Management

Mastering KAM

Key Account Management


How are you treating your largest and most important customers?
Will they buy more from you next year? Are you sure?
How do you know that competition is not winning terrain?


Key Accounts is about handling the most important customers.

This job is becoming more complex in this new, flat,

and hypercommunicated world.


The training program is designed to help companies to a systematic and

structured approach to these complex customers and to manage value,

expectations, and relationships.

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 About the program…

The program teaches the basic concepts of Key Account Managment – and is designed to provide applied experience during the program. You will develop the ideas on a real case, your own Key Account.


The program step-by-step:


  • Basics on KAM work
KAM models and customer relationship maturity asessment methods. The Account Team and the value of involving relevant roles.
  • Understand the Account
Find out all you need about your customer – how they sell, their vision, their objectives and needs.
  • Align objectives
The Account plan serves as our base for a common understanding around our account. We discuss tactical objectives and strategic vision.
  • Map Relationship
What different stakeholders value most, and how that will that act in our favour, or not. By understanding the mechanisms, we develop the power base plan.
  • Growth opportunities.
Where are the pockets of untapped growth in the account? A systematic approach helps the account team find the highest value opportunities and create the best value proposition and messaging for each situation.
  • Meet customer
Taking the message to the right people. How do we act as sales executives in the account, and what is important in the customer meeting?
  • KAM process,
When, why, what, and how to perform different activities in the account, and in the KAM team.
  • Measure success
Finally, we will discuss how to measure how well we are doing. Sales growth is a basic KPI, but in true KAM a series of additional indicators that lead to that growth needs to be considered.




Made for those who…


This program is intended for the following people:

  • KAMs, key account managers, who manage the most important customers of their company
  • Sales director with key accounts in the customer base
  • Those who are planning to create a KAM role in your company and want a structured approach


The program provides…


As a participant in the program, you will experience the following:

  • Gain market share and increase your footprint in key accounts
  • Find more and larger opportunities in the account
  • Communicate and create more value to the customer
  • Align KAM with corporate strategy
  • Structure and understand key account management
  • Align KAM in your own company by involving transversal account team in decisions.
  • Develop your account plan template
  • Set relevant objectives based on leading indicators
  • Gain a framework to measure success in key accounts
  • Understand and manage complex relationship maps




Over 3 workshops, we develop all steps in the following approximate agenda.

During the whole program, each participant will work a concrete case in their own account.

The program will be adapted to your context, but it could look like this:

Day 1:

  • Key account management and the need for it
  • Account planning and the account team
  • The account plan
  • Understanding the company
  • The power bases of the customer
  • Homework assignment for Day 2

Day 2:

  • Homework – Reviewing the case
  • Developing opportunities
  • Selling value in key accounts
  • Strategic alignment
  • Homework assignment for Day 3

Day 3:

  • Homework review
  • Taking the value prop to the customer
  • KAM process and the KAM team
  • Measuring success – Develop concrete indicators
  • KAM tools to use in the own context
  • Wrap-up and summary
Happy entrepreneur presenting to his colleagues new business strategy on a whiteboard during the meeting in the office.




3 half day sessions over 3 to 5 months
homework assignments and group work


At present only offered as
In Company – Consultancy
English, Spanish, Swedish
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