Sales Management Fundamentals

Introduction to Sales Management


Are you new in your role as the teams sales manager? Or are you a seasoned veteran who has led sales teams for many years?
Sales Management is about creating Success through others. This program helps define the role – and develops key areas through which you lead your team and drive sales growth.

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 About the program…


This is an introductory program in 4 modules, designed to give sales managers all the basic structures and tools to be successful in the role.

The attitudes , skills, and competencies that are needed to create a high-performing sales team are built on our proven 3 Core Capabilities Model, and the 6 pillars of sales management.

This program takes its starting point in the growth objectives and works to build the management capabilities from what the team and the business needs. This is done in a combination of management, leadership, and development activities through which you lead your team and drive sales growth.


Made for those who …


  • Are preparing to become managers
  • Are managers but new to the sales management role
  • Are experienced sales managers looking for a structured approach to sales management


Key benefits


The program defines sales management as a profession. Taking its starting point in the needs of the sales team, it develops a toolbox for world-class sales management. Some of the benefits of the program include the following:

  • Accelerated sales growth
  • Motivated teams with a clear direction
  • High-performing sales culture
  • Business awareness through continuous feedback, providing insights
  • Tools and ability to lead change
  • Definined objectives and goals with a pipeline to create activity objectives required to achieve business results
  • Tools for self-reflection and self-evaluation
  • Accurate forecasting for a business under control


The program step by step:


Over the course of 4 full-day physical workshops, with both team and individual follow-up in between the sessions, the comprehensive program is developed. Each key area follows a typical learning flow that involves both theory and reflection. A typical sequence will be the following:

    • Learning module
    • Teamwork in class
    • Review and group presentation
    • Homework assignment with coaching
    • Discussion in plenary or in teams

The modules follow a logical sequence and structure. Over the sessions, they are dealt with in parallel.


Before we start  – preparations and self assessment

Between 1 and 2 weeks ahead of the program start, participants will receive an introductory package that explains the program and its parts in detail. Apart from practical details such as venue, dates, times and such, it contains a preparatory case and articles that they will need to read in on and prepare for the first session.

Although the program is packaged we always want to adapt our teaching to the level of the group. To help us assess the level of all participants, a Sales Management Self-Assessment survey (15-20 min) will be answered, and in addition, we will schedule an individual 45 minute phone/video interview with each participant. For the self-assessment and the interview no preparations are needed. At the end of the program, participants will be offered to do the Self-Assessment again, for comparison.



Module 1 – Introduction – Sales planning & results for teams

    • Introduction – The role of the sales manager is the introductory module that gives an overview and a purpose to the role. It discusses the models and the importance of sales management.
    • Sales planning and getting results – A practical module on what and how to plan sales, analyze, and follow up. The dynamics of a sales process and characteristics of customer groups help to define the map for our sales teams. (Plan & Organize CORE)
    • Does your team sell value? What defines great sales behaviors? With the 4 buttons of sales growth, the module discusses the importance of the sales team and the role of the sales leader to implement the latest B2B sales methodologies in the market.


Module 2 – Managing sales teams

    • Evaluating the sales team – A module that provides the tools to evaluate capabilities and the strengths and weaknesses of the team and its individuals based on facts.
    • Change management – It was said that “all management is change management.” This module introduces models for change management to help the sales manager implement new projects and systems, and at the same time manage and balance time for the daily business.


Module 3 – Creating the successful team

    • Lead & Coach – Provides insight into leadership, blending theory with practical exercises and roleplays. Assess your leadership style and learn how to influence your team and people, and how to move efforts and competence to where they need to be for biggest business impact. (Lead & Coach CORE)
    • Developing the team – Your ability to execute your sales plan and implement strategy is largely defined by the Provides the tools to recruit and retain talent, nurture their capabilities, and develop skills and competences. (Develop & Build CORE)


Module 4 – Securing the way forward

    • Sales culture – Understand what sales culture is, and how you can influence it. In this module, you assess your current sales culture, and then define and visualize where you want your culture to be in a year’s time.
    • Securing the future of sales management – Your own sales managers’ plan for the next 6 months is developed using new models, and tools are put into action. A 360 assessment with your team (manager, direct reports) is offered for participants who wish to participate.


The people at Business Meeting




4 full day blocks, on site over 4 – 10 months
5 virtual sessions coaching/workshop
individual project


At present this program is only offered as

In Company training, tailored to your company

English, Spanish, Swedish
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