Getting to know your competition

Competitor Analysis


This program provides tools and a practical approach to analyse and understand your competition –
and helps you find your relative strengths to develop. Taking its starting point in what is truly important
for certain customers, or segments, we evaluate our capacities and develop a winning strategy for
the segment. 
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 About the program…

Companies spend millions every year on competitor and market analysis. Most often reports are made on a global or regional level, rarely taking the local context into account. This workshop provides a framework for local sales management and team leaders to perform the analysis on a local team level, and then to establish a local strategy to win.


What is the most important purchase decision criteria for companies in your market? What do your prospects value the most?


If you know that, you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses for all segments you want to sell more to, and adapt your strategy accordingly. In this program, we take you through and teach you the process in 2 workshops, and we provide the tools to perform your own analysis as many times as you like.


made for those who…

need to find the winning strategy to gain, grow and keep customers. Develop local tactics out of global strategy and manage your selling time in the smartest way possible.

  • Local sales directors
  • Sales managers
  • Account managers
  • Customer success team leaders


the program provides

a framework for you to analyze strengths and weaknesses of your value proposition to customers in your local context. Upon completion, you will have the following:

  • A framework to study competitive advantages
  • A better understanding of what your customers and prospects truly value
  • Improved awareness of the value you and your company provide
  • Arguments that help you to higher margins and less discounting
  • Improves tactics and local sales strategy for customer segments




This is a program that is prepared specifically for your team. It includes the following:

  • Self-evaluation and preparatory interviews
  • Value criteria workshop
  • Homework assignment applied on segment or customer
  • Winning strategy workshop
  • Analysis tool



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1/2 day + 1/2 day,
plus preparation and homework assignments


In company training

English, Spanish, Swedish
Depending on team size
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