Find & Focus – Working the right customers

Customer Base Management

Find & Focus – Profitable customers 



Do you know which segment is the most profitable?
Which customers give fastest returns on your sales effort?
Which segments give the least post-sales problems?  

This training provides sales professionals and sales managers with the tools to find and
focus on the most profitable clients – to maximize your growth opportunity with the fastest
and highest margin customers.


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 About the program…

To focus effort on the best opportunities that will give us the largest deals, faster, and with the lowest CoS (cost of sales), we need to understand which they are. This training discusses tactical customer segmentation.



We learn smart ways to map our customer base and how we can optimise our invested time. We discuss more traditional gross margin thinking used in most companies, as well as additional perspectives focused on sales time investment and competencies: similar purchasing behaviors, geographical spread, required sales effort, and decision cycle length that value the same arguments.


Finally, the program discusses in what ways we can sell more in every opportunity, and learn how to identify cross-selling and upselling opportunities, as well as different expansion strategies in existing accounts.




made for those who…


This program is intended for the following people:


  • Salespeople who sell to many different types of customers in their territory
  • Sales managers or sales directors managing a team of B2B sales reps

the program provides


tools and methods to make larger deals, faster, and with better margins!


Insights with respect to the following:

  • Industry segments and why some are easier to sell to than others.
  • Customer maturity – a model that helps you select the right opportunities for the month.
  • Insight on proactive vs. reactive customer management and how to gain time for the former.




Workshop 1:


  • Focusing on profitable clients
  • Segmentation provides a map to focus
  • Proactivity is key to drive your agenda
  • Homework assignment – Defining my map



Workshop 2:


  • Homework review
  • Product attachment – Selling the portfilio
  • The real cost of every transaction
  • When to say no
  • Using CRM and other data to follow up





2 half day sessions over 2 – 4 week
homework assignment and group work


At present this program is only offered as In Company. – Consultancy



English, Spanish, Swedish


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