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Is your team truly being the best it can be?  Do you feel you are on top of things as much as you would like to?

All  sales directors need someone to test ideas on,

someone to help formulate your new sales strategy,

or simply a partner to tell you when it’s time to change

what you’re doing.at the moment.

We can be that partner for you! 

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You are the key…


Are you leading sales in a B2B setting, or are you perhaps the selling Founder of your Scale-Up? The Sales Manager is the function that leads the sales team, creates and executes sales strategies and drives sales through effective leadership. This function is especially critical for Scale-ups, and small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) – and needed to build a scalable team, boost sales and achieve rapid growth.


We help you take your sales leadership to the next level!


 About the service…


Our tailored coaching and mentoring sessions helps you in your daily challenges, while incrementally enhancing your leadership skills, improving sales performance, and ultimately achieving your growth targets. With our support, you will create a more positive work environment, increase employee engagement, and drive revenue for your organization.

The Sales Director´s job is often is lonely even if you are surrounded by people – great expectations on your performance but few peers to seek support from. Let us help you unlock your full potential and achieve your professional goals!


Made for you who …


As a personalized service, coaching and mentoring is a great support for all you who hold, or will hold, leadership positions and look to develop yourself in the role. Typical roles we develop,  coach, advise  and mentor:

  1. B2B Sales Directors, as a manager of managers.
  2. Sales Managers managing a team of sales representatives.
  3. Founders and Business Owners, where sales leadership is key.
  4. Senior Sales Representatives, with leadership skills to manage a KAM team.
  5. Business Development identifying and pursuing new major business opportunities.


Key benefits


Using our Coaching and Mentoring for Sales Leaders, you will get continuous support and a firm ground to stand that allows you to develop you business even in times of change and difficult market conditions. Some benefits you will experience by working your Sales Leadership skills:


  1. Improved Sales Performance: By receiving tailored coaching and mentoring, you improve you own and the team’s sales performance – close more and bigger deals.
  2. Enhanced Leadership Skills: Leadership coaching develops your leadership skills, including communication, decision-making, and strategic planning.
  3. Increased Employee Engagement: Effective leadership can boost employee engagement, resulting in a more productive and motivated sales team.
  4. Improved Time Management: Coaching will help you prioritize tasks, manage your time effectively, and reduce stress levels.
  5. Higher Job Satisfaction: By developing leadership and management skills your efforts will have a stronger impact, making you experience higher job satisfaction and fulfillment.
  6. Enhanced Accountability: With activity based objectives you help your team become accountable for their actions, goals, and objectives, which results in better performance and results.
  7. Reduced Turnover: Improving your management and leadership skills creates a more positive work environment and reduce employee turnover.
  8. Boost you own Professional Development: Develop professionally and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and best practices in the field.
  9. Improved Work-Life Balance: Last but not least – By being more effective and better at managing time, you will achieve a better work-life balance, reduce stress levels and have more time to spend with your family.


The assignment:


Every Sales Leader Coaching and Mentoring assignment is different, because your background, challenges and business contexts are different. We’ll start with a free consultation just to get to know each other, talk about the challenges you’re facing and your desired goals. By the end of the call, you’ll know if our proposal and coaching style are right for you. You’ll also know the details of your plan (including all costs).


We´ll quickly work with you to determine your business’s pain points. Then, with the help of our method we’ll systematically work to put the systems and habits into work and take you to and beyond your objectives, both long and short term.


Starting with the long term in mind, the quarterly and annual business goals are put into the long-term context, strategy, vision, 5 year plan, whichever name you choose for them, and align them all together.


In the box to the right you will find a few examples of areas we often cover in our coach- and mentor-assignments!



The toolbox


As we go along, we will create your own Sales Managers Toolbox in a personal area where only you and your coach have access, and that you will use to exchange and improve stuff along your journey.


You will also get a general access to the Sales Managers Toolbox area, where you as a member will find a plethora of useful tools and templates around Sales Management, Analysis, Planning, Leadership, Teaching and Coaching techniques, Sales techniques and general business management. As the team´s leader or director of teams, these tools will help you develop, train and coach your team and its members to new heights.





Individual personalised project,
and scope to be agreed upon
Initial commitment 6 months, quarterly renewed 
Local language and English
please contact us for a quote


A multifaceted assignment:


Both the intensity and scope of our coaching and mentoring relationship varies over time with your needs, and will be managed on a quarter to quarter basis. Below you find a small sample of areas we typically work with our mentees, typical habits to install, with their practices and tools:


Managing the business and customer management Sales planning, forecasting and budgeting. Direct and support sales activities to boost quality and consistency, developing the most profitable customers and those with the greatest potential for growth.
Creating the Sales strategy Strategic sales planning – This often include analysis of market demand, costs, pricing, and new products on the company’s strategy.
Leadership and team motivation Coaching for transformative leadership helps you drive results and become conscious about your own influence. With exceptional communication skills we help you engage and improve messaging.
Managing change Introducing new products, systems, ways of working, methods is difficult. We have all gone through change and will be an invaluable support for you in the process.
Sales techniques – Value Selling Coach and train the sales team to sell your offering at higher value. With value sales techniques customers will perceive higher value from working with your sales team, your product and your company, rendering higher NPS and lower churn
Profit margins in the focus segments Learn the financials behind a healthy business. By leveraging the strengths of your company and understand which customers appreciate this the most, you will guide your sales team to the best opportunity and the highest margins.
Recruiting the right sales force Recruitment to help you select the right talent to grow your business. As the team evolved you face different challenges, and will need a speaking partner to help sort out the challenges.
Developing your sales team An effective sales team keeps learning to keep up and lead a fast-changing industry. We guide you in performance reviews, appraisals, training and development.
Objectives, salary and bonuses Set and implement commission policy for salespeople and discuss employee salaries. If required, optimise the allocated budget.
Career Development We can provide you with ideas and input to your own internal career development in a way that few peers can provide, and help you boost your career in the company.