Channel Management Assessment

Channel Management Assessment

Are you getting the best out of your Channel?

Is your current channel aligned with your corporate objectives?

Can you execute on company strategy with your current setup?

And most important – Are you absolutely sure about this?

We help you to certainty around your Channel and Partner strategy

through the Channel Management Maturity Assessment.

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 About the program…


Often introduced even before a direct sales is installed and committed, well managed and used channel sales is the most effective model of scaling. This takes engaged and successful partners.

Based on proven methods, our CMM assessment – Channel Sales Management prescribes a 5-step readiness scale for each of the 6 Management Key Areas.

– Planning & organization
– Leadership readiness
– Team development
– Sales model & customer value
– Feedback, objectives & systems
– Values & sales culture

Through both internal and external analysis, via interviews and evidence gathering, we assess every aspect of the organization involved with partners. Each area is individually scored. A gap analysis is included and improvements to arrive to the desired levels are proposed where needed.


Made for those who…


This program is intended for sales directors and sales managers who want insight into the organization readiness for partner sales management implementation success.


  • Sales managers & directors aiming for a channel strategy
  • Corporate leadership


The program provides…


The program provides insight into your capabilities and gives recommended actions:


  • A complete assessment of your organization’s partner sales readiness
  • Insights of your strengths as an organization
  • Better forecasting and predictability of both income and costs
  • Study and assess current network vs ideal
  • Certainty and knowledge of your capabilities
  • Recommendations to strengthen weaker areas

The program raises the questions you need to ask yourself when you develop your channel, and identifies blind and weak spots.




The scope is adapted to the size and complexity of your organisation.
A typical engagement that stretches over 6-8 weeks can look like this:

    • Project kick-off and planning
    • Fact finding – Information & documentation (e.g. financial, process, competencies and role descriptions, customer base & market information)
    • Assessment – Channel related team attitudes & leadership (survey)
    • End Customer attitudes research (optional)
    • Interviews with selection of sales professionals and sales leaders
    • Team discovery workshops
    • Deskwork, consolidation
    • Presentation – Findings & recommendations



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varies – 6 – 12 weeks


In company program – consultancy

English, Spanish, Catalan
Varies with your organisation size and complexity, contact us for a quote