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We share a passion for sales and sales management, and a belief that sound professional sales management is the key to sustainable growth.


Over the years, while talking to other sales managers, it often strikes us how much time is spent building and creating tools, templates, ways of working, and best practices. Most of the time we can’t help feeling that we are reinventing the wheel, again and again.  The Sales Managers Corner aims to create a space where sales managers can share experiences and find great tools and knowledge that help them excel in their teams and careers. Some of the materials and articles are free to use and be inspired by, while some tools you will need to pay for, as they were developed and are delivered by third parties.


When you browse through the materials, read and enjoy, and why not consider contributing with your own experiences? Share your favorite tools and templates! We also welcome partnering with relevant service and smart sales automation tool companies that provide value for sales managers around the globe.


Do you want help put all the pieces together? With our team of competences, we provide training programs and coaching on the 6 Pillars of Sales Management, techniques, and tools. Our programs provide a cost-efficient way of learning, and our continuous coaching helps you to implement the capabilities and to accelerate your sales managers’ success.



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Meet the team:

Senior Consultant and Partner

Niklas Lagerblad

Principal Consultant - Sales Management and leadership. 20 years of direct Sales Management experience

B2B Social Selling Expert - LinkedIn Management

Elisabet Cañas

Our true LinkedIn Guru will help you understand LinkedIn. Together you create the best Social B2B Selling strategy to multiply the team's reach and growth.

Senior Consultant - Measurement and Research

Juan Luis Coll

Juan Luis' experience and know-how on data analysis and research methods, brings science to Sales management and to our clients.

Senior Consultant - B2B Partners & Channel management

Cristian Pi Martin

With 15 years solid experience of successful channel buildup and management, Cristian now helps our clients to true channel growth.

Senior Consultant - Sales Techniques

Christian Jönsson

Selling value for 15 years himself, sales methods specialist Christian help ensure your team will never give an unnecessary discount again!

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Senior Consultant - Leadership and motivation

Dolors Liria

Psychologist by profession, Dolors brings her vast experience into our Lead & Coach discipline. Her Sales Leadership program helps business leaders truly lead their teams to new heights.

Senior Consultant - Value Sales skills & techniques

Pertti Koivo

A long career in complex systems sales gives Pertti the edge to win, and to guid his customers to growth and success

Senior Consultant - Communications & Values

Giovanni Stracciatella

Giovanni leads our Values track - change in values are key to Change management, and an integral part of getting things done.

Services and Programs

Our programs

… are designed to accelerate your learning experience and put the 6 pillars of Sales Management in practice, starting day 1

We offer a wide variety of programs, both in-company and adapted for your company, as well as in-house programs where you meet people from other companies and industries to exchange experiences with. On this page, you find the principal programs. Call us to discuss how we can help you and your team in the best way!



Services and Training programs

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Change and new ways of working are difficult to implement by yourself. In order for behaviours to change or for new processes to be used, conscious and committed change management is needed. It falls on us as sales managers to make this happen and to turn the teams around. Talk to us for tips, tricks, and concrete proposals to install proper sales management in your teams today!



Great Sales Management

Makes Great Things Happen


Sales management is the link between getting things implemented in the field and corporate’s strategy and vision. Is your sales management team up for the challenge?




The Core process families


The 3 core process areas and their key competencies are outlined below:


Plan & Organise: This is where you analyze, plan, and follow up sales execution in your market context, and transform global strategy in local execution. Objectives, budgeting, resource planning, and team design happens here. This is where the sales manager draws the navigation map for the journey ahead.


Lead & Coach: This reflects your actions and capabilities to transform the plan into execution though others as you motivate and give direction to your team.


Develop & Build: Here you work with your team and build the right competence and capabilities for the plan you have laid out. By excellent recruiting and onboarding, and a continuous attention to development needs, you accelerate growth.


The 3 support processes

In addition to the 3 core process families, there are 3 supporting process families around values, feedback systems, and the key competencies and skills of your sales team.


Feedback & Monitor: By setting clear objectives, research shows that organisations can increase their productivity by 10-15%. If solid feedback and monitoring is introduced, that effect is doubled. The feedback and monitor area introduces KPIs and suggests methods for measuring effectiveness in sales.


Values & Culture: How well you implement the 3 key process areas and which design choices you make along the journey will depend on your values and culture at the team level and the company level. Any management program needs to evaluate its values and cultural aspects.


Sales Method & Tools: This area often gets lots of attention and investment in organisations. We help sales managers understand their role in guaranteeing that these investments lead to sales excellence, accelerated growth, and profitability.


Consulting & Development Programs


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Are your sales management skills up for the challenge?

What are your true strengths? Are the objectives motivating and clear? Does the team come with you over the top when it’s time to move? Does your crystal-clear analysis turn into crisp plans that everyone understands? Does your team use all cross-selling opportunities? Are your value-selling skills helping you avoid discounts and saving you margin points? Are your losses fewer and are you gaining more customers than competition?


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…means that you are in good hands. We assess your sales management capability and design tailored development and implementation programs revolving around the 6 competences of sales management. 

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  • Tailored training and implementation program
  • Periodical Coaching Support
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Sales Method & Tools

Sales Method & Tools

Managing sales is about doing the right things in the right way. Here we discuss sales techniques, CRM tools, dashboards, sales planning, and processes.

The sales team’s efforts is what creates the opportunity and closes the sales. Your job as the team’s manager is to help them be at their best and win the best business, every time.


There are many uncontrollable variables when we work with people in a complex ecosystem. Stakeholders’ behaviors and decisions are motivated by very various factors, which makes the buying cycles more difficult to control or even understand. This section is all about turning this into a predictable, forecastable revenue growth machine.


By applying structure into our ways of working and defining our sales processes well, we bring predictability into the process. What can be measured and predicted can be improved.


Solid performance management comes through a disciplined and structured approach, and it ensures that we work with the right customers and in the right way.

Value-based sales methods help us to stay focused on the value our company provides to the customer. This keeps margins healthy.


Using the right tools helps automate tasks; shortens time to get data, analyze and plan for customer visits; proposes the right solution; and wins the business. Modern tools can shave off more than 50% of admin time, which can now be used for customer facing, productive time.


Tools will include:


  • Customer relationship management (CRM)
  • Sales and market intelligence
  • Lead handling and prospecting
  • Analytics and reporting
  • Process and training
  • Automation and integrations

Doing the things right – sales skills and process

Feedback & Monitor

Feedback & Monitor

You can improve only what you can measure. Explore KPIs and leading indicators, and install feedback mechanisms to accelerate change and growth.

In this process area, you will find methods and tools for performance management, and systems for continuous feedback from your market, your customers, and your people. This is fundamental for change management and steering.


Without proper performance management, you are running your car with your eyes closed and without a steering wheel.


In B2B sales, people propose solutions to other people. When introducing human psychology and behaviors into the equation, sometimes forecasting and predictability become a challenge.


An efficient sales process, adequate sales skills, and optimizing customer base planning are the ingredients to successful sales.

If we know what we are doing, we can set objectives and find smart ways to monitor and feed.


It is important that we work hard, but real productivity happens when we boost conversion and hit rates by focus on quality and skills in every customer interaction. Larger deals come through ensuring enough opportunity to allow us to select the best prospects that perfectly fit our company and offering.


Smart objectives, intelligent dashboards, the right KPIs, and frequent feedback potentially can increase your sales productivity by 25% to 30%. Check out the articles below to find out more about setting smart objectives and feedback systems.

Ideas that will get you insights

Develop & Build

Develop & Build

Build and develop the team. Tips and tools that help recruit and retain talent, nurture their capabilities, and develop their skills and competencies.

Managing and leading is all about getting the best out of the team. Your performance management system tells you where your strengths and weaknesses are. Your business plan maps out where you are headed.


Whether you actually reach the goals or not depends on how well your team Is prepared and motivated for the task. It is the sales manager’s job to make sure every team member is prepared for the challenges ahead to reach the objectives. Some training will happen centrally, or it can be hired externally, but most of the time competence development happens internally by the manager and other team members.

This section is about how you as the manager can develop skills and competencies, and present tools and methods to train and prepare the team.


Knowledge around training and pedagogics, experiences from running workshops, and how to make the training truly stick are discussed here.


Stay tuned and check out this section for materials, checklists, tips, and tricks.

Build a world class team!

Lead & Coach

Lead & Coach

Guidance on leadership to successfully influence the team. Support and coach, direction and purpose, lead and inspire are key terms here.

The job of directors and managers is to create success through others. By setting up the best structures around the team, solid planning, and installing a performance management system, the groundwork is done. Leadership, culture, and performance management then take the plans and turn team into reality. Your leadership qualities and your coaching skills are your tools to influence the team.


They help you install the motivation, drive, and energy that is needed to get things done and to work in the intended direction. Leading is about creating the vision and setting the direction. Coaching is about supporting and developing people to be the best they can be.


A team and its members have different needs for leading and coaching in different periods of the team’s evolution. The initial focus is on setting the direction and on conveying the plan and vision to the team. Later, this moves to more of a supporting and coaching attitude, so people understand how to get there once they have bought into the vision.


In the sales team context, leading is closely related to setting clear objectives, and coaching is guiding the team members on the way to achieve them. Clear objectives and guidance are demonstrated success factors for motivation and team productivity.


The better you build the vision, lead, and coach, the less you need to manage details, and the happier and more successful the team is. The team feels empowered to achieve goals on their own.


In this section, we collect experiences, tools, and tricks on leadership and coaching for success.

Coaching and Leadership tips

Plan & Organise

Plan & Organise

Local strategy, budgeting, resourcing, time management, customer base planning and more areas to help you navigate through your sales year.

Planning and organizing is a process area that all managers work with, without exception.


The processes here includes setting the local strategy and creating the tactical plan for the team. Without this, you don’t have a map to navigate with, so it certainly is a fundamental and essential area for any sales manager to master.


The process areas of leadership, culture, and performance management take the plans and turn team into reality. But if you didn’t first create the plan, that energy is blind and doesn’t know where to go!

The process takes the sales and revenue objectives from headquarters and maps the local conditions and the teams’ possibilities. Here you will find great tools, tips, templates, and other stuff that will help you in this work.


Some examples of areas: fundamental customer and market planning to understand what is even possible in your market, resource planning to help the team with its skills and capabilities, product launches, onboardings, reporting, and KPIs.

Featured in Plan & Organise

Values & Culture

Values & Culture

A healthy team culture based on common values is a key fundamental component for successful leadership.

Research points at the importance of leading through values and installing a performance culture in the team. High-performing teams usually have this sense of vibrant energy and “magic” around them. That is essentially what this process area is about.


In this section, you will find a collection of articles, tools, and experiences to help your team become a top-performing team by working within its culture and shared values.


Culture is difficult to grasp because it’s generally unspoken. Team culture is essentially the collective values, beliefs, and attitudes shared in the team. This determines how people work together and how they treat each other.

Your chances for success and top performance are conditioned by the culture you install in the team. This work starts with shared values and beliefs.


Different teams expose different cultures, and often differences in performance can be explained by differences in values and culture. A healthy corporate culture helps you work team culture in a desired direction.


In the same way that high-performing teams share a set of great values and culture, most cases of unethical behaviors found in corporate scandals have their origins in negative cultures and lack of sound shared values.


Let’s get your team to be the best it can be – top performing and world class!

Thoughts on Values & Culture in your organisation