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Discovering LinkedIn – full program

LinkedIn – From personal branding to Corporate Social Selling


What do you need to know to get the most out of LinkedIn?

What is the opportunity cost of every minute you’re not visible to the LinkedIn community?

Talk to your customers before they call you up, by then it may be too late…


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 About the program…

Social Selling does not mean selling on social networks. It means building productive relationships through social networks (and in B2B the social network par excellence is LinkedIn), which over time generate business opportunities.


To achieve this, first we must define a good strategy on LinkedIn, both at the corporate level and (and more importantly) at the individual level, starting with the individual plan for each of the team members.


In most cases, your customers are informed online before making a purchase decision. When the buyer contacts you, he/she already completed 70% of the purchase process: they know what they need and have compared to other offers.


This new scenario forces a change in the traditional sales model, and this makes LinkedIn your best ally to take your relationship with customers and potential customers to another level.

made for you who…

This program is designed for:

  • Sales Directors and Sales Managers
  • Sellers and Account Managers
  • Marketing and Communication managers,
  • Entrepreneurs and freelancers from any B2B industry

Participants need to:

  • Have a LinkedIn account and a minimum of knowledge of the basic functionalities of the platform
  • Bring their own laptop during the sessions.

some benefits and objectives:


The program will Generate Social Media Awareness, and help participants both understand and unleash the full potential of LinkedIn as a contact and relationship channel for prospects and customers, and understand how to use it in their daily work.


Some questions to answer: Why should I be on LinkedIn? Why should I dedicate my time to it? What can LinkedIn do for me? How should LinkedIn be part of my business development strategy?

  • Develop a specific LinkedIn strategy, both individually (from professional profiles) and corporate – supporting and relying on corporate publications.
  • Create high-impact professional profiles
  • Create an action plan in this channel that leads to achieving given objectives.




Structure of the sessions:


First Block


Session 1 – From Personal Branding to Corporate Social Selling: How do we go from “I want my company to be on LinkedIn” to “I want LinkedIn to be in my company”. During this first introductory session, we will create the LinkedIn communication and Prescence plan. This includes the intermediate milestones to reach, what target audience we want to impact, what type of messaging to use, etc. We will also talk about SEO techniques applied to professional profiles, to make our professional profiles appear in the top positions of LinkedIn search results for relevant searches. Each participant will work on their list of priority keywords which they will bring with them into the next session.


Session 2: Create high impact professional profiles.  Participants will learn to build high-impact professional profiles, adapting the profile to the strategy we defined.  We learn how to optimize content of each section of the profile to reinforce its positioning within the LinkedIn search algorithm. Based on what has been explained, the participants will draft the profile fields and bring into the next session.



Second block


Session 3: How to find and contact the right people on LinkedIn. With our now optimized profiles, we will focus on having a suitable audience before us. We will learn how to identify the right people on LinkedIn to enrich the contact networks and then how to successfully contact them. Here we create a list of 20 people to invite along and draft the appropriate and individual invitation.


Session 4-: Define the content plan on LinkedIn and discuss the relationship model with the contact network.  We have the profiles ready and adapted for the right audience from the previous sessions, and now is the time to define what will be the content plan and the relationship model with the rest of users through this channel.


Third block


Session 5: Corporate Social Selling Methodology. In this last session we go deeper into Social Selling techniques. We will see active listening techniques to be able to identify, through LinkedIn, the motivations, concerns and needs of your target audience. Based on what is explained in this session, participants will now be able to apply all what they have learned and start working with a daily routine for business development through LinkedIn.


Optional coaching:


This program can be expanded with a series of follow up group or individual coaching sessions both during and after the program.



People holding a Linkedin icon and a tablet




5 sessions over 1 – 2 months


This program is currently only offered In Company

English, Spanish, Catalán
Please contact us for a quote


Trust is a must – about personal styles, DISC, and matching in sales


In other posts we discuss sales techniques and methods on selling value. To sell value, and be able to charge extra for that value, the value must be fully perceived… felt.. by the customer. Whether we get across with our message or not, is influenced by our styles, our behaviors in different situations, and how well we fit.  Sometimes this personal fit is simply referred to as… the personal “chemistry” between people. Let’s have a look!


Trust – a must


When we meet new people, our brain reacts by asking two questions immediately and subconsciously. The first is about how we will communicate – considering openness, warmth and trustworthiness, and the second is about the competence and knowledge. “Is this someone I will get along with and trust?” and “Is this someone I can respect and understand?”. Entering into a personal relationship with the person, the first always trumps the other. If we don’t feel we will get along with the person, the competence dimension becomes irrelevant.


In Sales it is generally the customer side that determines the level of trust that is needed in the relationship for the sale to take place.


To generate trust we need to:

  • Understand how others perceive and appreciate our behavior
  • Know how to read the behavioral style of our customer
  • Learn how to adjust our style to the customer


There are many models and tools that help us understand styles and behavior. But few are as simple and as well documented as the DiSC model. The reason why the DiSC model is so suitable to apply on Sales is because DISC simplifies the reality and allows us to take quick decisions.



The DISC model


It is out of the scope for this manual to provide all the details of the model, but we encourage the reader to learn more about the theory and the tool to gain a good understanding of the personality styles and how to adapt our behaviours.


The DiSC model dates all the way back to the 1930s and based on William Moulton Marston’s findings and thinking. Although far from complete, it provides some basic insights into our ways and how it is likely that we react and behave in certain situations. It is one of the most used instruments, and while it is not really measuring or evaluating our personalities, it does describe basic human behaviors.



The DiSC model identifies four different behaviour styles (D. I. S. and C). Too make the model simpler and more accesible, it uses individual color codes for each style, and tells us four different ways in which we usually react to a given situation.


D – Dominance Style (RED) :


People with a dominant style in their base behavior will see themselves as strong in a non-friendly (e.g. professional) environments. This is why they tend to try to dominate the situation and the meeting. They are straight forward in their ways, not afraid to speak their mind, find it easier than many to see how to overcome different obstacles. They are challenge driven and goal oriented. They are willing to change, but normally only if they think it can help them to get what they set their mind on. A dominant style person will perceive himself as powerful, energetic, innovative, goal oriented and resolute. By others they however are perceived as arrogant, pushy, aggressive and insensitive.


I – Influential Style (YELLOW) :


Individuals with a strong influential style will see themselves as strong in a naturally friendly environment. In general they feel they have nothing to fear from the environment and people around. Therefore they want discuss things, have others to share their opinion and try to influence them through friendly persuasion. Their primary goal in any situation is to be understood, accepted and involved. A person with high Yellow will see himself as convincing, confident, generous, inspiring and open. By others, this person can be seen as selfish, superficial, egocentric and unserious.


S – Steady – stable Style (GREEN) :


People with a predominant stability style often see themselves as weaker than the surrounding, and when given the choice prefer to be in a friendly and conflict-less environment. They are concerned with not upsetting or change this environment, and want to preserve it to continue to feel safe and good about themselves. On the other hand, to change they must first be convinced that they don’t risk losing anything at all. As a sales person, the style is often perceived as a bit passive, and with difficulties to get to a close with the customer. A stability-style person will perceive themselves as loyal, good-listener, encouragingly and calm. But at the same time others can see them as stubborn and reluctant to change.


C – Compliant Style (BLUE) :


A strong compliant-style person tend to think that the surrounding is generally hostile and thus feel weaker. Because of this perceived weakness, they don’t exercise much influence on their own. They tend to prefer working by themselves and take great care to fit into existing and predetermined structures and rules to reach their goals. To avoid risk and conflict they will analyze each situation carefully before deciding to do anything that would change the given structure. A person with high Blue will see him/herself as fact-seeking, knowledgeable, systematic, diplomatic and reflective. On the other hand this person can be perceived by others as pedantic, avoiding, indecisive and reserved.




Transformational Leadership for Sales Managers


Leadership for Sales Management



Do you find it easy to turn your plans into reality?

Is it sometimes hard to understand why we all heard the same thing but understood it differently?

How well do you play to your strengths and use these to mobilise the team, and motivate its members to excel?


It is not enough to have a plan – leadership is what helps you turn plans into reality.  It is what installs the motivation, drive and energy that is needed to get things done and work in the intended direction. Leading is about creating the vision, setting direction, and Coaching is supporting developing people to be the best they can be. Every time! 

Book your training today!

 About the program…


This is an introductory program in 3 full day modules that are designed to give Sales managers all the basic leadership and coaching tools to be successful in the role and drive change – transformation.

This program takes its starting point in the organisation and the culture, explains concepts around change management, leadership styles and our abilities to influence. From the base each participant explores the concepts individually through both theory sessions, exercises and role-plays, to develop a leadership model that adapts well to the individual context.


made for you …


  • who are Sales Managers or Directors new to the job, or are preparing to become one
  • experienced Sales Manager or Director who feel you lack a solid understanding of leadership and/or lack the appropriate coaching tools to get things done as you would wish
  • … who are ready to take a next step in your leadership



key benefits


The program provides a solid base and understanding for Leadership. Taking its starting point in our values and culture, it develops a toolbox that will help you get things done.

Some of the benefits of the program:


  • Higher degree of self-awareness and influence
  • Motivated teams with clear direction
  • Resilient and adaptable teams, ready to take on new challenges
  • Ability to lead your team through change
  • High performing sales culture
  • Tools and ability to lead change
  • Shorter learning curve in your teams
  • Tools for self-reflection and self-evaluation




Over the course of 3 full day physical workshops, with both team and individual follow-up in between the sessions, the comprehensive program is developed. Provides insight into Leadership, blending theory with practical exercises and roleplays. You assess your leadership style and learn how you influence our teams and people in our surrounding, and how to move efforts and competence to where they need to be for biggest business impact. (Lead & Coach CORE)

Each key area follows a typical learning flow, that involved both theory and reflection. A typical sequence will be:


    • Learning module
    • Team/Individual work in class
    • Testing concepts – roleplaying
    • Summary – experience share
    • Homework assignment – with coaching
    • Discussion in plenary or in teams

The modules follow a logical sequence and structure..


Module 1 – Introduction – Leadership basics – Organisational culture


Introduction to Leadership and team management: We discuss what is Leadership and work through Leadership Styles. We learn about different Leadership Models and their history before going into exploring Transformational Leadership and lay the base for the program through exercises that help us understand the mechanisms.


Organisational culture and change – Factors that influence organizational culture changes and types of organizational culture change. We work through the most prominent models and examples of change management. Tools for change management and ways to measure the effectiveness of our change programs. This block also discuss sources and types of influence and power and finalises with a dive into the role of partnerships and stakeholders in our internal and external influence system.


Module 2 – Motivation and sales team Management


Motivation – A walk through of modern motivational theory and tools – and discuss which factors that influence motivation and team efficiency. The difference between effectiveness and efficiency in our leadership. Motivational techniques. Coaching techniques.


Team management: Management models and systems, and function thereof. Teamwork? or just working in teams? Delegating and Providing Direction. Planning and setting objectives. Formulating objectives – SMART, and leading towards the objectives (GROW). Time management – proactiveness and setting your own agenda


Managing Sales Teams – we explore the specifics of Sales management and how to apply the new knowledgge in our own context. What does in mean to transform in a market context?  What is it that Sales management aspires to change? Leading customer challenges, and market direction. Examples of change management in our daily life.


Module 3 – Soft skill and the keys to Transformational Leadership


We discuss the tools set the Leader will need to develop in order to drive change and the teams evolution. One key to this is self awareness, and we look at different models and tools to evaluate ones own abilities agains the varying needs of situations.


Refining the toolbox of Leadership:

  • Emotional awareness and self control
  • Active Listening
  • Empathy vs Assertive communications
  • Conflict resolution – holding difficult conversations
  • Ciahing techniques – framing the message




Business leader standing on arrow and holding flag flat vector illustration. Cartoon people training and doing business plan. Leadership, victory and challenge concept




3 full day blocks, on site over 4 – 10 months
individual follow up coaching


At present this program is only offered as

In Company training, tailored to your company

English, Spanish
contact us for pricing


Workshop – LinkedIn essentials for Managers

Introduction to B2B Social Selling

What do you need to know to really take advantage of LinkedIn?
What is the opportunity cost of every minute of your time that you are not visible to the LikedIn community?
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 About the program…

Social Selling does not mean selling on social media. It means building productive relationships through social media (which in B2B this is dominated by LinkedIn as the media of choice).


Over time, the objective is to generate business opportunities. To achieve this, it is necessary to define a good strategy on LinkedIn, both at the corporate level and at the individual level. This new scenario forces a change in the traditional sales model, and makes LinkedIn your best ally to take your relationship with customers and potential customers to another level. In this introductory training, we will take you through 3 fundamental skills you need to develop in your teams! 


made for you…

This program is intended for

  • Sales Managers and Directors
  • Account Managers and Sales Representatives


some benefits


As a participant in the program you will learn the fundaments of LinkedIn and how to use it as a sales acceleration tool with time. You will learn how to set objectives and create your own personal Social Selling plan.


We will discuss how you can evaluate and balance the time you need to invest to achieve these objectives. For sales managers and directors, the training will allow you both improve your own work as well as coach and guide your team members on Social Selling and LinkedIn.




During approximately 4 hours, we will work through 3 Key Areas:


THE PROFILE: Moving your LinkedIn profile from merely being an online version of our CV to truly become a platform for personal and professional branding. Optimize  professional profiles, target the right audience and turn them into high-impact profiles that are key to your own agenda and strategy.


THE CONTACT NETWORK: LinkedIn is about relationships, it is not enough to have many contacts. With the right profile made, we’ll focus on making sure you have the right audience in front of you. We will discuss the best strategies to grow your networks with the right contacts, and how to gain access to these successfully.


THE ACTIVITY: Yes, you do need to invest some time to establish a presence to be visible and seen. But no, this doesn’t mean you need to add another full-time job to what you are already dong. We will discuss different ways to generate presence on LinkedIn. In addition, you will learn the basics behind LinkedIn’s content ranking algorithms to help you optimize your visibility to your strategy.



B2B marketing. Business collaboration, SMM, Internet notification. Online promotional campaign flat design element. Social media network ads. Vector isolated concept metaphor illustration




4 hours (1/2 day)
and individual coaching


At present this training is given in-company only

English, Spanish, Catalonian
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We are…

We Are…

.. sales managers like yourself, seasoned consultants and trusted advisors to our clients – growing sales organisations.

We share a passion for sales and sales management, and a belief that sound professional sales management is the key to sustainable growth.


Over the years, while talking to other sales managers, it often strikes us how much time is spent building and creating tools, templates, ways of working, and best practices. Most of the time we can’t help feeling that we are reinventing the wheel, again and again.  The Sales Managers Corner aims to create a space where sales managers can share experiences and find great tools and knowledge that help them excel in their teams and careers. Some of the materials and articles are free to use and be inspired by, while some tools you will need to pay for, as they were developed and are delivered by third parties.


When you browse through the materials, read and enjoy, and why not consider contributing with your own experiences? Share your favorite tools and templates! We also welcome partnering with relevant service and smart sales automation tool companies that provide value for sales managers around the globe.


Do you want help put all the pieces together? With our team of competences, we provide training programs and coaching on the 6 Pillars of Sales Management, techniques, and tools. Our programs provide a cost-efficient way of learning, and our continuous coaching helps you to implement the capabilities and to accelerate your sales managers’ success.



Talk to us today!



Meet the team:

Senior Consultant and Partner

Niklas Lagerblad

Principal Consultant - Sales Management and leadership. 20 years of direct Sales Management experience

B2B Social Selling Expert - LinkedIn Management

Elisabet Cañas

Our true LinkedIn Guru will help you understand LinkedIn. Together you create the best Social B2B Selling strategy to multiply the team's reach and growth.

Senior Consultant - Measurement and Research

Juan Luis Coll

Juan Luis' experience and know-how on data analysis and research methods, brings science to Sales management and to our clients.

Senior Consultant - B2B Partners & Channel management

Cristian Pi Martin

With 15 years solid experience of successful channel buildup and management, Cristian now helps our clients to true channel growth.

Senior Consultant - Sales Techniques

Christian Jönsson

Selling value for 15 years himself, sales methods specialist Christian help ensure your team will never give an unnecessary discount again!

Talk to us today!
Senior Consultant - Leadership and motivation

Dolors Liria

Psychologist by profession, Dolors brings her vast experience into our Lead & Coach discipline. Her Sales Leadership program helps business leaders truly lead their teams to new heights.

Senior Consultant - Value Sales skills & techniques

Pertti Koivo

A long career in complex systems sales gives Pertti the edge to win, and to guid his customers to growth and success

Senior Consultant - Communications & Values

Giovanni Stracciatella

Giovanni leads our Values track - change in values are key to Change management, and an integral part of getting things done.

Services and Programs

Our programs

… are designed to accelerate your learning experience and put the 6 pillars of Sales Management in practice, starting day 1

We offer a wide variety of programs, both in-company and adapted for your company, as well as in-house programs where you meet people from other companies and industries to exchange experiences with. On this page, you find the principal programs. Call us to discuss how we can help you and your team in the best way!



Services and Training programs

Fundaments of Sales Management

Introduction to Sales Management


Are you new in your role as the teams sales manager? Or, are you a seasoned veteran who have led sales teams for many years?
Sales Management is about creating Success through others. This program helps define the role – your job – and develops Key Areas through which you lead your team and drive sales growth.

Book your training today!

 About the program…


This is an introductory program in 4 modules that are designed to give Sales managers all the basic structures and tools to be successful in the role.

The attitudes , skills and competences that are needed to create a high performing sales team are built on our proven 3 Core Capabilities model, and the 6 pillars of sales management.

This program takes its starting point in the growth objectives and work build the management capabilities from what the team and the business needs. This is done in a combination of management, leadership and development activities – through which you lead your team and drive sales growth.


made for you …


  • who are preparing to become managers
  • are Sales Managers new to the job
  • are experienced Sales Managers looking for a structured approach to Sales Management


key benefits


The program, defines sales management as a profession. Taking its starting point in the needs of the sales team, it develops a toolbox for world class sales management. Some of the benefits of the program:


  • Accelerated sales growth
  • Motivated teams with clear direction
  • High performing sales culture
  • Business awareness through continuous feedback providing insights
  • Tools and ability to lead change
  • Definined objectives – goals, pipeline to create and activity objectives required to achieve business results
  • Tools for self-reflection and self-evaluation
  • Accurate forecasting – business under control




Over the course of 4 full day physical workshops, with both team and individual follow-up in between the sessions, the comprehensive program is developed. Each key area follows a typical learning flow, that involved both theory and reflection. A typical sequence will be:


    • Learning module
    • Teamwork in class
    • Review and group presentation
    • Homework assignment – with coaching
    • Discussion in plenary or in teams

The modules follow a logical sequence and structure. ver the sessions they are dealt with in parallel.


Module 1 – Introduction – Sales planning & results for teams

  • Introduction – The role of the Sales Manager is the introductory module that gives an overview and a purpose to the role. It discusses the models and importance of Sales Management
  • Sales planning and getting results – a practical module on what and how to plan sales, analyze and follow up. The dynamics of a sales process, as well as characteristics of customer groups helps defining the map for our sales teams. (Plan & Organize CORE)
  • Does your team Sell Value? – what defines great sales behaviors? The 4 buttons of sales growth. The module discusses the importance of the sales team and the role of the sales leader to implement the latest B2B sales methodologies in the market.


Module 2 – Managing sales teams

  • Evaluating the sales team – Module that provide the tools to evaluate capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of the team and its individuals, based on facts.
  • Change management – it was said that “all management is change management”. This module introduces models for change management, to help the sales manager implement new projects and systems, and at the same time manage and balance time for the daily business.


Module 3 – Creating the successful team

  • Lead & Coach – provides insight into Leadership, blending theory with practical exercises and roleplays. You assess your leadership style and learn how you influence our teams and people in our surrounding, and how to move efforts and competence to where they need to be for biggest business impact. (Lead & Coach CORE)
  • Developing the team – Your ability to execute your sales plan and implement strategy is largely defined by the Provides the tools to recruit and retain talent, nurture their capabilities developing skills and competences. (Develop & Build CORE)


Module 4 – Securing the way forward

  • Sales Culture – Understand what Sales Culture is, and how you can influence it. In the module you assess your current sales culture, and then define and visualize where you want culture to be in a year’s time.
  • Securing the future of Sales Management – your own sales managers plan for the next 6 months is developed using new models and tools are put into action. A 360 assessment with the own team (manager, direct reports) is offered for participants who wishes to participate.


The people at Business Meeting




4 full day blocks, on site over 4 – 10 months
5 virtual sessions coaching/workshop
individual project


At present this program is only offered as

In Company training, tailored to your company

English, Spanish, Swedish
7.459 € per participant (minimum group of 8)
(taxes, expenses and other fees not included)


Find & Focus – Working the right customers

Customer Base Management

Find & Focus – profitable customers 



Do you know which segment is the most profitable?
Which customers gives fastest reurn on your sales effort?
Which segments give the least post-sales problems?  

This training provides sales professionals and sales managers with the tools to find and
focus on the most profitable clients – to maximize your growth opportunity with the fastest
and highest margin customers.


Book your training today!

 About the program…

To focus effort on the best opportunities that will give us the largest deals, faster, and with the lowest CoS (Cost of Sales), we need to understand which they are. This training discusses tactical customer segmentation.



We learn smart ways to to map our customer base and how we can optimise our invested time. We discuss more traditional gross margin thinking used in most companies, as well as additional perspectives focused on sales time investment and competences: similar purchasing behaviors, geographical spread, required sales effort, decision cycle length, that value the same arguments.


Finally, the program discusses in what ways we can sell more in every opportunity, and learn how to identify crosselling and upselling opportunities, as well as different expansion strategies in existing accounts.




made for you who…


This program is intended for you who


  • are a sales person who sell to many different types of customers in your territory
  • are a sales manager or sales director managing a team of B2B sales reps


the program provides


tools and methods to make larger deals, faster and with better margins!


Insights with respect to

  • industry segments and why some a re easier to sell to than others
  • customer maturity – a model that help you select the right opportunities for the month
  • insight on proactive vs. reactive customer management and how to gain time for the former.





Workshop 1:


  • Focusing on profitable clients
  • Segmentation provides a map to focus
  • Proactivity is key to drive your agenda
  • Homework assignment – defining my map



Workshop 2:


  • Homework review
  • Product Attachment – selling the portfilio
  • The real cost of every transaction
  • When to say no
  • Using CRM and other data to follow up





2 half day sessions over 2 – 4 week
homework assignment and group work


At present this program is only offered as In Company. – Consultancy



English, Spanish, Swedish


1.459 €/participant (minimum group of 8)
(taxes, expenses and other fees not included)


Key Account Management

Mastering KAM

Key Account Management


How are you treating your largest and most important customers?
Will they buy more from you next year? Are you sure?
How do you know that competition is not winning terrain?


Key Accounts is about handling the most important customers.

This job is becoming more complex in this new, flat,

and hypercommunicated world.


The training program is designed to help companies to a systematic and

structured approach to these complex customers and manage value,

expectation and relationships.

Book your training today!

 About the program…

The program teaches the basic concepts of Key Account Managment – and is designed to provide applied experience during the program. You will develop the ideas on a real case, your own Key Account.


The program step-by-step:


  • Basics on KAM work
KAM models and customer relationship maturity asessment methods. The Account Team and involving all roles.
  • Understand the Account
Find out all you need about your customer. How they sell, their vision, their objectives and needs.
  • Align objectives
The Account plan serves as our base for a common understanding with our account. Tactical objectives and Strategic vision.
  • Map Relationship
What stakeholders value, and how that will that act in our favor, or not? By understanding the mechanisms, we develop the Power Base Plan.
  • Growth opportunities.
Where are the pockets of untapped growth in the account? A systematic approach helps the Account Team find the highest value opportunities and create the best Value Prop and messaging for each situation .
  • Meet customer
Taking the message to the right people. How do we act as sales executives in the account, and what is important in the customer meeting.
  • KAM process,
When, why, what and how to do different activities in the Account, and teh KAM team.
  • Measure success
Finally we will discuss how to measure how well we are doing. Sales growth is a basic KPI we all agree, but in true KAM a series of indicators that lead to growth need to be considered.




made for you who…


This program is intended for you who are:


  • a KAM, Key Account Manager, who manage the most important customers of your company
  • a Sales Director with Key Accounts in the Customer Base
  • planning to create a KAM role in your company and want a structured approach

the program provides


As a participant in the program you will


  • Gain market share and increase footprint in Key Account
  • Find more and larger opportunities in the Account
  • Communicate and create more value to the Customer
  • Align KAM with corporate strategy
  • Structure and understand Key Account Management
  • Align KAM in your own company by involving transversal Account Team in decisions.
  • Develop your Account Plan template
  • Set relevant objectives based on leading indicators
  • gain a framework to measure success in Key Accounts
  • Understand and manage complex relationship maps



Over 3 workshops we develop all steps in the following approximate agenda.

During the whole program, each participant will work a concrete case in the own account.

The program will be adapted, but could look like this:


Day 1:

  • Key Account Management and the need for it
  • Account planning, and the Account Team
  • The Account plan
  • Understanding the Company
  • The power bases of the customer
  • Homework assignment for Day 2


Day 2:

  • Homework – reviewing the Case
  • Developing opportunities
  • Selling Value in Key Accounts
  • Strategic Alignment
  • Homework Assignment for Day 3


Day 3:

  • Homework – review
  • Taking the Value Prop to the customer
  • KAM process and the KAM team
  • Measuring success – develop concrete indicators
  • KAM Tools to use in the own context
  • Wrap up and summary


Happy entrepreneur presenting to his colleagues new business strategy on a whiteboard during the meeting in the office.




3 half day sessions over 3 to 5 months
homework assignments and group work


At present only offered as
In Company – Consultancy
English, Spanish, Swedish
contact us for a quote


Sales Management Maturity Model Assessment – SM³

SM³ Assessment

Is your team ready to grow? Can you and the team execute on company strategy? Do you know for sure?

We help you to certainty through the SM³ Assessment to gain insights on your own sales and management readiness.

I want to know more today!

 About the program…


Based on the proven methods, sales and sales management readiness is assessed under SM³ – Sales Management Maturity Model. The model prescribe a 5 step readiness scale for each of the 6 Management Key Areas.


– Planning & Organisation
– Leadership readiness
– Team development
– Sales Model & Customer Value
– Feedback, objectives & Systems
– Values & Sales Culture


Through both internal and external analysis, via interviews and evidence gathering, we assess every aspect of the sales organisation. Each area is individually scored, a gap analysis is included and improvements to arrive to the desired levels are proposed where needed.


made for you who…


This program is intended for Sales directors and sales managers who want insight into the organisations readiness for sales excellence and repeated success.


  • Corporate Leadership
  • Directors
  • Sales managers

the program provides

The program provides insight into your capabilities and gives recommend actions:

A complete assessement of the 6 pillars of sales management


  • Insights of your strengths as an organisation
  • Certainty and knowledge of your capabilities
  • Recommendations to strenghten weaker areas
  • predictability of sales and profitability
  • higher margins through Value Sales
  • profitable customer base
In essence – the program rises the questions you have wanted to ask for a long time and provides the answers to these. As a consequence, and following recommendations if there are any, help you increase sales volumes and margins, discount less, and increase sales efficiency.



The scope vis adapted to the size and complexity of your organisation.
A typical engagement stretches over 8 – 12 weeks can look like this.


    • Project Kick off and planning
    • Fact finding – Information & documentation (e.g. financial, process, competences and role descriptions, customerbase & market information)
    • Assessment – sales team attitudes & leadership (survey)
    • Customer attitudes research (optional)
    • Interviews with selection of sales and sales leaders
    • Team discovery workshops
    • Deskwork, consolidation
    • Presentation – findings & recommendations
Businesspeople working in finance and accounting Analyze financial graph budget and planning for future in office room.




varies – 6 – 12 weeks


In company program – consultancy

English, Spanish
Varies with your organisation size and complexity, contact us for a quote