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Lead with impact! We help sales leaders focus – get things done and drive change that lasts …

B2B sales has changed enormously over the last 20 years, and in the post pandemic world the pace of change will be even higher. Only world-class Sales Management turns these challenges into advantages.


We provide end-to-end programs, training, coaching and support that help B2B Sales Managers and Sales Directors truly excel at what they do! 


The Sales Managers Corner offers experience, articles, facts, trends, and updates on sales management. You will find tools, methods, real-world cases and examples mixed with a wide experience base from subject experts, and your colleague sales directors in other companies and industries.






Structures that gives you and the team peace of mind

Management knows where you are going …

Managing means planning & organising and having an eagle’s eye on things

All managers need to plan and organise, liaise with internal stakeholders and represent the team, without exception.These processes includes setting the local strategy and creating the tactical plan for the team. Without this, you don’t have a map to navigate with, so it certainly is a fundamental and essential area for any sales manager to master.





Create success through your team – the way to scale and grow

… leadership and motivation gets you there …

Leadership, culture, and performance management takes the plans and turn team into reality. Your leadership qualities and your coaching skills are your tools to influence the team.

They help you install the motivation, drive, and energy that is needed to get things done and to work in the intended direction. Leading is about creating the vision and setting the direction. Coaching is about supporting and developing people to be the best they can be.





Success is a team concern, learning is crucial

… but only with team and leader trained for the task

Whether you actually reach the goals or not depends on how well your team Is skilled, prepared and motivated for the task. The sales manager’s job is to make sure every team member is skilled and prepared for the challenges ahead.

Some training can be managed by others or externalised, but most of the time competence development happens internally by the manager and other team members. We help and guide you to develop skills and competencies – to train and prepare your team.

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